INSTANT MBA: You Should Never Accept A Job You're Not Excited About

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Photo: Youtube/ AAARI CUNY

Today’s advice comes from Trevor Sumner, co-founder and president at LocalVox, via Inc.“Ultimately, I believe you will excel at what you are driven by — your passions. When the gas tank is empty and it is one in the morning, you need to want to be there, wherever that may be. You need to make others want to be there too. So you better love what you do. A lot. So above all else, as an important litmus test, never take a job or start a company you are not excited to tell your friends about — period.”

Sumner says that being passionate about what you do goes a long way. Before you start a new job, ask yourself, “Am I going to be doing work that I am proud of?” You don’t have to stick to one job for the rest of your life, but every time you take a new position remember that each job should be moving you professionally forward.

This doesn’t mean that all of the career choices you make function like a domino effect with one job leading to the next. Instead, view them as a collection of experiences that contribute to your career overall

“Although it feels like every job is the crucial next step in your career, in hindsight, it’s often just one of many. That’s not to say you should take it lightly, just that every gig is part of a much longer journey. It’s important to be at least a little over your head in any new role. Don’t worry, you’ll grow into it. If you are not in over your head, over-perform and look up the organisation for a better fit and start positioning yourself now.”

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