NEVER BEEN SHORN: The World's Woolliest Sheep May Have Been Found In Tasmania

Picture: ABC Tasmania

Australia and New Zealand will go head to head some time in the next week for the title of world’s woolliest sheep.

A six-year-old merino ram spotted wandering through scrub on Tasmanian farmer Peter Hazell’s Midlands property on Saturday looks like it hasn’t been shorn. As in, never.

Hazell said he ambushed the invader as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

“He couldn’t see very well because of the wool over his face, so I just snuck up behind him and grabbed hold of him,” he told ABC News Tasmania.

Peter and his wife Netty bundled the merino into the back of their ute and took him home.

His owner hasn’t come forward yet, but a tag suggests he wandered across from somewhere on Tasmania’s east coast.

Shrek. Less than impressive. Picture: Getty

The ram is estimated to be carrying at least 25kg of fleece. The current record is held by New Zealander Shrek, who was found in 2004 after hiding in caves for six years. Shrek’s fleece weighed 27kg – enough to make 20 mens’ suits, according to

In the classic Aussie tradition, the Tasmanian upstart has been named Shaun. (Because he’s never been shorn, right?) That will all change in a couple of days when Shaun is clipped and has a tilt at Shrek’s world record.

Sheep judge Ray Peters said the wool was still in good order:

“I thought it would be impossible for a sheep to go that long and have such good wool on him,” he told ABC.

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