Nevada To Announce That Tesla Will Build Gigafactory There

TeslaAP Photo/Ng Han GuanPowered by Nevada?

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval will announce on Thursday that Tesla will build a giant battery factory in the state.

USA Today’s Chris Woodyard reported the news, citing unnamed sources.

This isn’t necessarily bad news for other states, including California, that were in the running. On Tesla’s most recent earnings call, CEO Elon Musk said that the electric carmaker had begun construction of a Gigafactory in Nevada and was waiting for some additional action from the state before moving forward.

According to Woodyard, Sandoval will confirm the deal at a press conference Thursday afternoon.

Musk has also indicated that additional Gigafactories could be built in other states, so California could still be in the running, along with Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Tesla gigafactoryTesla MotorsWho will help us build it?

However, Tesla’s playing of states off against each other — along with whatever its demanded in terms of tax breaks and incentives in exchange for constructing a $US5-billion factory that could employ over 6,000 people — has raised the ire of politicians, including Nevada Senator Harry Reid.

Last month, Reid said that Tesla might be “playing” Nevada over the Gigafactory deal.

AP706658167(1)APYou mind tricks won’t work on me, Elon Musk.

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