Networks Finally Embrace The Recession


The recession is finally informing TV shows, with this season’s pilots focused on characters dealing with crises outside of an office setting.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the following are among the subjects covered by new shows:

  • “A group of friends gets fired on the same day”
  • “Troubled cops check into a halfway home”
  • “A Wall Street executive loses his job and has to reconnect with his small-town family”
  • “A buddy comedy about two simple guys who are happy with their life, no matter how bad it might look from the outside”
  • A show about a working-class couple in Detroit who “deal with the reality of their long-standing roots in this community slowly becoming less relevant as the rest of the world passes them by”

Are you laughing yet?

Seriously, though, given how poorly movies about characters dealing with financial troubles have done (i.e., Confessions of a Shopaholic), what makes TV networks think people want to watch shows about the same thing?