Networks Crack Down On TV Pirates, As Millions Miss World Series

Whack A Mole

TV networks and TV viewers are both scouring the internet to find pirated feeds of major sporting events–one so they can shut them down, the other so they can see the games that aren’t available in their area.

The problem has been magnified this week by the three million or so New York-area cable customers who have been unable to watch the World Series on FOX.

(Fox has even accused Cablevision of directing fans to illegal streams.)

People often use sites like Ustream and to post streams of live sporting events, and hunting down the rogue “stations” is like a game of “Whack-A-Mole” for the leagues and networks trying to put a stop to it

But the same snipe hunt is conducted by fans hoping to find games online, while also avoiding spam sites, malicious viruses, and fake feeds (often planted by the leagues themselves.)

It has become a Sunday ritual for many NFL fans looking for a way around blackouts and other out-of-market restrictions that prevent them from watching other games.

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