Netflix nearly doubled its Emmy nominations from last year, and is soaring over everyone but HBO

Stranger things
‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix got 18 nominations for the 2017 Emmys. Netflix

Streaming services are growing fast. As Netflix and Hulu make more original shows, their recognition come awards season grows, too. And it’s growing at a rapid rate.

Netflix nearly doubled its Emmy nominations in 2017, with 91 compared to 2016’s 54. Big competitors for Netflix in 2017 include “The Crown,” “Master of None,” and “Stranger Things.”

Netflix’s Emmy success this year is surely partly linked to its gargantuan budget: $US6 billion for content in 2017, for reference. That compares to Amazon’s estimated 2017 budget of $US4.5 billion (according to JPMorgan), and HBO’s budget of a “couple billion” — likely just above $US2 billion.

But Netflix isn’t the only streaming service on the rise.

Hulu, which had just 2 Emmy nominations last year, had a much better turnout with 18 nominations this year thanks to the critical darling “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Even without “Game of Thrones” in the running this year, HBO got more nominations than last year from hits like “Westworld,” “Big Little Lies,” and “The Night Of.” With streaming and cable shows coming up, the basic networks which once dominated are getting less shows nominated at the Emmys. But in 2017, NBC got a major boost from the critical and fan hit “This Is Us,” with 11 nominations.

Check out this graph to see how all the networks compare when it comes to Emmy nominations:

HBO takes the Iron Throne easily when it comes to the Emmys. BI Graphics