Netscape Founder Jim Clark Is Settling Down With His Swimsuit Model Wife And Selling His Sailing Yachts For $113 Million

jim clark yachts

Photo: Royal Huisman

After nearly 30 years on the high seas, Netscape founder Jim Clark is calling it quits. The 68-year-old billionaire is selling his two amazing sailing yachts for a combined $113 million, Forbes’ Ryan Mac reports.He wrote to Forbes in an email that he’s “been around the world twice and really don’t like the [Mediterranean-Caribbean] circuit. After 28 years of owning boats, I’m over it.”

The boats, 136-foot Hanuman and 295-foot Athena, will hit the market for $18 million and $95 million, respectively. Athena is the fourth-largest sailing yacht in the world.

Both were made by Royal Huisman, a Netherlands-based custom shipyard.

Clark told Forbes he planned to settle down in his new home in New York with his 8-month-old daughter and wife, former Australian model Kristy Hinze. He recently listed his swanky Miami penthouse for $27 million.

First let's take a look at Athena. The fourth largest sailing yacht in the world, she's listed at $95 million.

She was delivered in 2004 after being built in the Netherlands. Construction took four years.

But if that's not new enough, she underwent a complete refit last year.

The interior is done in a lightly stained Mahogany.

And is as luxurious as a penthouse apartment.

There are several bedrooms on board the ship.

A dining room set for a billionaire.

And an industrial kitchen equipped to feed dozens.

The control room is completely computerized and state-of-the-art.

Stairs lead to the various decks.

This looks like a nice place to lounge.

But some people are more adventurous.

Now let's go on board Hanuman.

The J-Class yacht, a replica of a 1930s-style boat, is listed at $18 million.

Like Athena, the interior is rich wood.

But the bedrooms are somewhat lighter.

This boat also has the most sophisticated equipment available.

And a fancy--if somewhat smaller--dining room.

She's also quite new, having been delivered in 2009.

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