No Country Has Ever Done What The Dutch Are Doing In Speed Skating At The Olympics

The Netherlands has won 19 medals in nine speed skating events at the Sochi Olympics, including podium sweeps in four different races.

This level of dominance, and the sheer volume of medals in a single sport, is unprecedented in the 90-year history of the Winter Olympics.

The Dutch were always the world’s most dominant speed skating nation, but what they’re doing this year is different.

Olympic historic Bill Mallon broke down the most dominant performances by a country in a single sport at an Olympics

Among sports that give out more than three total medals, here are the three the most dominant performance at the Winter Olympics:

  1. East Germany in luge, 1972: 88.9% (8 of 9 medals)
  2. Norway in cross-country skiing, 1924: 83.3% (5 of 6 medals)
  3. Netherlands in speed skating, 2014: 70.4% (19 of 27 medals)*

There are three more speed skating events at the 2014 Olympics. Since two of those events are team relays, the Netherlands can only win five of the last nine medals.

Still, no country has won more than 66.7% of total medals in one sport at one Olympics since 1984.

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