House Full Of Gadgets? This New Super-Fast Wi-Fi Is For You

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Photo: Flickr/Raelene G

Next month Netgear will release the world’s fastest home Wi-Fi router. It operates at gigabit speeds — that’s as fast as most corporations use on their business networks.Plunk the Netgear R6300 in your home and you’ll have Wi-Fi that is three times faster than today’s 802.11n devices.


Because there is a catch. To get all this speed, this Netgear router is using a new Wi-Fi standard called 802.11ac. It hasn’t been fully finished and approved yet by the standards body that controls such things (the IEEE), reports Ars Technica. So none of the devices you currently own will work with this super-fast speed.

The new Wi-Fi chips will be ready by next year from companies like Broadcom, Qualcomm, and Quantenna, so it will be a few months to another year before Wi-Fi devices will work with gigabit speeds.

Until then the Netgear R6300 will run at the top speeds available today. It offers some decent features that justify the $199 price, like support for Wi-Fi printing and parental controls.

But home gigabit Wi-Fi is coming soon.

We need it, too. As we load up our homes with iPads, smartphones, game consoles, media players, Blue-Ray players, Internet TVs, Roku boxes, Web cams, we clog up the Wi-Fi and then everyone’s experience suffers.

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