Why you should be watching Netflix’s ‘Santa Clarita Diet,’ a comedy where Drew Barrymore eats people

  • Season two of the Netflix comedy “Santa Clarita Diet” is available on Friday.
  • The show stars Drew Barrymore as a suburban realtor and mum who becomes a zombie.
  • Season one was fun, but a bit of a mess, and the show vastly improves in season two.

Want to watch Drew Barrymore eat people? You’ve come to the right place.

Netflix’s “Santa Clarita Diet” isn’t for everyone. It’s a quirky, violent, and weird satire of the zombie genre and of American suburban life. But it’s improved a lot in season two, and is definitely worth giving a shot.

The “Santa Clarita Diet,” created by Victor Fresco (“Better Off Ted,” “My Name is Earl”), debuted its first season on Netflix last year, and season two became available Friday.

The show centres on a suburban family in Santa Clarita, California. Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant play Sheila and Joel Hammond, husband and wife real-estate agents with a teenage daughter. They live a standard, bland suburban life until one day, Sheila dies and is reborn as a zombie. Sheila’s condition makes her more impulsive: She’s more honest, aggressive, and her truest self – which helps her marriage with Joel.

But it also creates problems.

At first, she can eat raw meat and animals. But then her diet progresses to the point where she has to eat people to survive.

Sheila and Joel, with the help of their daughter and their neighbour, try to figure out what happened to Sheila and why. And they also try to figure out who Sheila can eat to survive. She needs fresh human flesh, so she can’t just take bodies from the morgue.

In an effort to murder but remain good people, Sheila and Joel try to only kill people who are bad. In season two, they come across a Nazi who is on a Nazi softball team. Sheila is convinced that’s the perfect target for a surplus of food.

While season one was a bit of a mess, it was still enjoyable. In season two, the show’s found its footing and adds some hilarious and surprising twists to the narrative and characters. Barrymore and Olyphant’s chemistry drives the show at this point, but the lore behind Sheila’s condition, and the social satire at the show’s heart, come together in a way that feels more natural than season one.

Here’s the trailer for “Santa Clarita Diet” season 2, out on Netflix now: