Netflix's Newest Original Series Is Beyond Weird

mako mermaids netflix

Fresh off of a lukewarm Q2 2013 earnings report, Netflix’s official Twitter account just posted a trailer for its upcoming original series, “Mako Mermaids”. 

The show is targeted at children, pre-teens, and teenagers. The premise is that a group of mermaids abandon life underwater and have adventures on land. 

Starting tomorrow, you can stream all 13 episodes of “Mako Mermaids” exclusively on Netflix. 

Here’s Netflix synopsis of the series:

Picking up where “H20 — Just Add Water” left off, mischievous teen mermaids Lyla, Nixie and Sirena, guardians of Mako Island, fail to stop 16 year old Zac from becoming a Merman. At risk of being cast out their home forever, the mermaids must get legs, venture onto land and take back Zac’s new powers.

We watched the trailer and the series looks beyond bizarre.

The new show wasn’t on our radar but if Netflix wants to continue to say that “each series performs better than the last” we suggest it try harder and become a little better at curating its original series.

See the trailer for yourself:

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