'Parks and Recreation's' Aziz Ansari tackles a lot of awkward situations in the trailer for his new Netflix comedy 'Master of None'

Netflix master of none netflix aziz ansari Noel Well NetflixAziz Ansari and co-star Noel Wells on Netflix’s ‘Master of None.’

Whether it is babysitting, sex, meeting his new girlfriend’s family, or just posting an Instagram, Dev just can’t seem to get it right on his new Netflix series, “Master of None.”

In addition to writing and directing the series, Ansari stars as Dev. Loosely based on Ansari’s life, Dev is a 30-year-old actor in New York. He has to go to cattle call open auditions and knows he won’t get the lead because he’s Indian.

Eric Wareheim, Noël Wells and Lena Waithe also star. Ansari’s father, Shoukath, plays his on-screen father, too.

“Master of None” premieres on Friday, November 6 with 10 episodes on Netflix.

Watch the trailer:


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