It's Underwood versus Underwood in new 'House of Cards' trailer

Washington, D.C. will be caught in the crosshairs of an Underwood war on the fourth season of Netflix’s “House of Cards.”

In a new trailer for the hit political drama’s return, Frank (Kevin Spacey) and Claire (Robin Wright) are on opposite sides and the capital is their battlefield. In an election year, the stakes are now higher than ever, and the biggest threat they face is contending with each other. How far will they go?

“You have no idea what it means to have nothing,” Frank’s is heard saying. “You don’t value what we have achieved. I have had to fight for everything my entire life.”

Then, Claire says, “I saw a future, our future.”

“We had a future until you started destroying it,” Frank responds.

New additions, Joel Kinnaman, Neve Campbell and Ellen Burstyn make appearances in this trailer and promise to make things complicated for Frank and Claire.

Watch the trailer below:

Season four of “House of Cards” debuts March 4 on Netflix.

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