Netflix's first 'Arrested Development' season 5 trailer is here, and it confirms a May 29 release date

  • Netflix released the first “Arrested Development” season five trailer on Monday.
  • The trailer confirms a May 29 release date for the new season.
  • The trailer plays on classic moments from the show’s earlier seasons.
  • In the meantime, fans can watch a “remix” of the show’s fourth season on Netflix. This new version re-edits the season with shorter episodes to resemble the show’s first three seasons.

Netflix released the first trailer for “Arrested Development” season five on Monday, which confirms when the season will drop on the streaming service: May 29.

The trailer finds the dysfunctional Bluth family starting a “new new beginning,” and helping Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) in her campaign for Congress, much to the embarrassment of Michael (Jason Bateman).

The trailer goes through a quick retrospective of the family’s history, and plays on classic moments from earlier seasons of the show – “I just blue myself for the first time in five years,” quips Tobias (David Cross).

The Bluths are also apparently getting an award for “Family of the Year” that they are giving themselves, to which George-Michael (Michael Cera) remarks, “It still doesn’t seem like we’d get the votes.”

Narrator Ron Howard says, “It seems a lot has changed over the years – well, not everything,” and the trailer captures that idea by playing on how the family has changed while also reminiscing on the past.

While waiting for the new season, fans can watch a “remix” of season four that Netflix released last week. The remix edits the divisive fourth season into shorter episodes and a longer season, which resembles the first three seasons.

Season four was originally released in 2013, so it’s been five years since we last saw the Bluths.

Watch the full season 5 trailer below:

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