Netflix Temporarily Yanks 'Star Trek' Movie For The Funniest Reason

Star Trek features fictional alien races known as Klingons and Vulcans. But, believe it or not, the languages they speak have become real languages. So real that there are
dictionariesdedicated to teaching humans to speak them.

Microsoft Bing, will even translate your words into Klingon.

So Netflix released the 1984 “Stark Trek III” film with Klingon and Vulcan subtitles.

Oops! Turns out, they got some of the translations wrong and it forced them to pull the movie down from live streaming, the company told the Huffington Post.

It’s funny, but serious. “Star Trek” is the most-watched TV show on streaming sites, according to market research group GfK’s 2013 report HuffPo. But not to fear, within 24-hours Netflix located alien linguists, fixed the subtitles and made the movie available again.

Sometimes real life is stranger than fiction. Or, if we have the translation right, in Klingon that’s: “yIn real stranger puS fiction.”

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