Will Smith battles mystical creatures in the first full trailer for Netflix’s ‘Bright’ — which it paid over $90 million for

Bright 2 Scott Garfield Netflix
‘Bright.’ Scott Garfield/Netflix

The first full trailer for Netflix’s much-anticipated Will Smith movie, “Bright,” is online, and it certainly has us excited. 

After shelling out a reported $US90 million for the latest movie from “Suicide Squad” director David Ayer, it seems the streaming giant could have a big hit on its hands.

In many ways, Ayer is going back to what made his career: the streets of Los Angeles.

His screenplay for 2001’s “Training Day,” about a corrupt LAPD narco cop played by Denzel Washington, led to Ayer getting offers to direct (and to a best actor Oscar for Washington). Then when Ayer helmed 2012’s “End of Watch,” a gritty, faux documentary about two LAPD cops (Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena) fighting the drug war, he got the best reviews of his career. 

“Bright,” which is set in a world where humans and magical creatures live side-by-side, looks to meld Ayer’s talent for telling gritty urban stories with the flashy visuals that helped “Suicide Squad” take in over $US745 million worldwide at the box office. Ayer is also teaming up again with “Squad” star Will Smith.

In “Bright,” Smith plays an LAPD cop who has been assigned an Orc (Joel Edgerton) as his new partner. Things get crazy when they discover a magic wand that everyone would kill to get their hands on. 

Watch the trailer below. “Bright” will be available on Netflix beginning December 22.