Netflix wants a global car show to take on Amazon's 'The Grand Tour'

Netflix wants a global car show to take on Amazon’s “The Grand Tour” after losing a bid for that show, according to Bloomberg’s Lucas Shaw.

Netflix has seen the success of “The Grand Tour,” which features Jeremy Clarkson and the “Top Gear” team, and wants its own unscripted car series, probably with “multiple versions for different countries,” Bloomberg reported, citing several people with knowledge of the matter.

This comes as Netflix is ramping up its reality programming, and plans to put out 20 unscripted shows in 2017. On Friday, Netflix released “Ultimate Beastmaster,” its global game show where competitors take on an obstacle course called “The Beast.”

“The Grand Tour” has been Amazon Prime Video’s global calling card, as the service launched a massive expansion to more than 200 countries in December. The show cost Amazon a reported $US250 million, and has resonated with subscribers so far, pulling in Amazon’s biggest audience numbers to date.

In November, Netflix content boss Ted Sarandos said Netflix pursued the show but implied his company didn’t think it was worth what Amazon paid.

“We made a play for that show, definitely,” Sarandos said. “But we’ve had every season of ‘Top Gear’ on Netflix in most territories in the world, so we had a better sense than most of what the audience was for ‘Top Gear’ on our platform. We knew what it was worth.”

But still, according to Bloomberg, Netflix is on the hunt for a blockbuster car show of its own.

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