I Got An Early Look At The Big Update Coming To Netflix's TV App Later This Year

Netflix is working on a new user interface for its TV app that automatically starts playing whichever TV show or movie you choose as soon as you select it.

The company says it wants to make it easier for users to jump directly into their favourite shows and films.

Currently, once you choose a TV show on Netflix, you’re brought to a page with a brief description of the episode and a list of other episodes in that same season.

The new update, however, would allow the episode to start playing immediately while also displaying some information, such as an episode synopsis, alongside the content.

After a few moments of inactivity, Netflix will assume you’d like to continue watching the episode and the other content would disappear. If you want to watch something else, you can jump out of the episode right away.

Netflix told us the update should be ready by early spring, but there’s no set release date at this time. The update will only apply to Netflix’s TV app, and the company says older TVs and streaming devices probably won’t get the new layout. 

If you do have a newer smart TV or streaming box, there’s a chance you’ve already seen this updated design. Netflix said it’s been testing it with thousands of users, but there’s no word on exactly when the final version will roll out.

Netflix asked us not to include any images or video of how the new layout looks since it hasn’t been finalised yet. 

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