Netflix To Ship Movies On Saturday? (NFLX)

Blog Hacking Netflix picks up a detail from the Netflix (NFLX) investor webcast: The company may soon begin shipping movies on Saturdays.

“Our growing scale gives us many operational advantages. We’re now up to nearly 60 distribution centres across America and can provide delivery to over 97% of our subscribers in about one business day. This quarter we’ll be testing weekend shipping in parts of the country which will provide even faster service both for those new subscribers who signed up over the weekend and for those subscribers returning movies at the end of the week.”

We wonder how expensive that will be: Will Netflix’s payroll expenses increase up to 20% as the company has workers on the clock 6 days a week instead of 5?

But as rabid consumers of the Netflix service who burn through several DVDs a week, we couldn’t be more pleased. Netflix’s lack of Saturday service puts a real crimp on how many films we watch; subscriber enthusiasm for the service will only grow with quicker turnaround.

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