Netflix just released the trailer for a trippy new mystery show 'The OA'

The oa netflixNetflix; FacebookBrit Marling stars on Netflix’s ‘The OA.’

Netflix just released a new trailer for its upcoming television drama “The OA.”

Produced by Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B, the eight-episode suspense drama premieres Friday on the streaming service.

The announcement was quite a surprise since Netflix hadn’t really promoted the series since ordering it in March of last year.

It follows Prairie Johnson (played by Brit Marling, also a cocreator of the show), who returns to her hometown after disappearing for seven years. That’s just part of the mystery. As a young girl, Prairie was blind. But when she returns to the town in her 20s, Prairie has her sight back. How is that possible? And where was she for the past seven years? Those are the big mysteries of the series.

Cocreator Zal Batmanglij, who directed two episodes for Fox’s “Wayward Pines” and the 2011 film “Sound of My Voice,” directed all eight episodes.

Marling’s costars include “Brooklyn’s” Emory Cohen, “The Walking Dead’s” Scott Wilson, and “Harry Potter” star Jason Isaacs.

Watch the trippy trailer for “The OA” below:

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