Bizarre Netflix Study Says You're More Likely To Hit The Gym If You Binge-Watch TV Online

Netflix had a great year. Its original series like “House of Cards” and “Orange Is The New Black” proved that people enjoy binge-watching entire seasons of shows. By capitalising on that binge-watching, Netflix has turned itself into one of the best sources of original content.

However, the company conducted an interesting survey related to its subscribers. After polling 1,000 U.S. internet users, Netflix discovered that over 50% of its users preferred to exercise while binge-watching instead of opting for the couch.

Other elements of this study revealed that 45% of respondents would be more motivated work out if they had instant access to their favourite shows on demand without commercial interruptions.

Sitcoms were the main choice for shows while working out with serialized dramas coming in second, sci-fi shows third and reality shows resting at the bottom of the rankings.

In the press release, fitness guru Harley Pastnerak, calls this the “Netflix effect.” He explains that people are going to be more motivated to work out if they can watch an addictive show like “Breaking Bad.”

Netflix may have found a new way to start adding customers in the new year.

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