An ex-stockbroker who's now the star of Netflix's 'Kindness Diaries' explains his foolproof strategy for becoming a better person

Leon Logothetis Kindness DiariesLeon Logothetis‘You do not have to be perfect,’ said Leon Logothetis (pictured).

Kindness isn’t a zero sum game.

Leon Logothetis would know. The former stockbroker and television producer ultimately left the corporate world to travel the world on his yellow motorbike.

During his journeys, he relied on the generosity of strangers, who provided him with lodgings, meals, and gas. Logothetis would respond by completing an act of kindness for the Good Samaritans, in turn. He documented his experience for the Netflix series “The Kindness Diaries.

Over the course of his voyage, Logothetis said he realised how people often think about kindness the wrong way.

“I would say kindness is a moment-to-moment practice,” he told Business Insider. “You do not have to be perfect. I am not perfect. All my ex-girlfriends will tell you that.”

He said it’s best to treat kindness as a daily practice rather than a state of being.

“If you fall off the wagon and you scream at someone or you’re mean to someone, that’s ok,” he said. “You’re human. Just follow kindness moment to moment. It’s a practice. Keep practicing it day in, day out, and things will change. Moment to moment, follow the path of kindness.”

In Logothetis’ travels around the globe, he found that people tend to want the same things, regardless of background — to be loved, to be seen, and to be heard. So practicing kindness can be as simple as striving to meet those needs in the moment.

Logothetis added that the biggest mistake you can make is giving up on yourself.

“Don’t think, ‘Oh I screamed at someone in the car, I’m an evil person and I can’t be kind,'” he said. “No. Just do it moment to moment.”

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