Netflix says viewership in the US plunged by 32% compared to an average Sunday during the Super Bowl

  • Netflix viewership in the US is down roughly 32% compared to a “normal Sunday” on Super Bowl Sunday, according to the streaming service.
  • Netflix debuted a commercial for “Our Planet,” an upcoming animal-centric Netflix show, during the Super Bowl.
  • In 2018, Netflix shocked people by releasing a new “Cloverfield” movie immediately after the big game.

Netflix’s viewership plunged on Sunday evening, as Americans ditched the streaming service in favour of the Super Bowl.

“So apparently this Super Bowl thing is kind of a big deal… looks like Netflix viewing in the US is down about 32% compared to a normal Sunday,” Netflix tweeted on Sunday evening.

Netflix and other streaming services have been trying different approaches to capitalise on the Super Bowl.

This year, Netflix debuted an ad about “Our Planet,” an upcoming animal-centric Netflix show coming in April, during the Super Bowl. Hulu dropped a teaser trailer for “The Handmaid’s Tale” during the game.

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In 2018, Netflix released a surprise trailer for the third movie in the “Cloverfield” franchise during the Super Bowl. The movie then dropped on Netflix immediately after the Super Bowl ended.

Netflix hasn’t had any surprise drops this Super Bowl – yet. Instead, Netflix’s Twitter has been focused on tweeting about “Our Planet.”

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