How Netflix originals are crushing Amazon and Hulu, in one chart

Demand for Netflix originals was 8 — 9 times higher than demand for Amazon Video and Hulu originals in 2016, according to Parrot Analytics, a research company. And the gap got bigger as the year went on, with second-half Netflix hits like “Stranger Things,” “Luke Cage,” “The Get Down,” and “The OA.”

Check the chart:

Also interesting: Amazon seems to be emerging as the top competitor.

Parrot measures demand by tracking a range of factors from file-sharing to social-media chatter.

Netflix and co. are focused on building up originals to stand out in a crowd of streaming services and to avoid overpaying for other people’s content. One bit of analysis from Parrot suggests that this approach is working, with a 0.51 correlation between demand for Netflix originals and Netflix stock.

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