Netflix's original shows are crushing Amazon and Hulu in demand

Stranger ThingsNetflix‘Stranger Things’ was Q3’s hottest digital original by far.

Netflix has around 10 original shows that beat the demand for anything put out by Amazon, Hulu, and other digital competitors, according to a new report.

Parrot Analytics, a company that estimates online demand for shows by tracking social chatter, file sharing, and (where available) streaming data, found that Netflix’s “Stranger Things” was by far the hottest digital original in the US in Q3.

The next ten shows also belonged to Netflix: “Orange Is the New Black,” “The Get Down,” “Narcos,” “Marco Polo,” “House of Cards,” “Fuller House,” “BoJack Horseman,” “Marvel’s Jessica Jones,” “Bloodline,” and “Marvel’s Daredevil.” Amazon original “The Man in the High Castle” snuck into 12th place, followed by Hulu’s “11.22.63.”

Netflix also crushed it in other markets measured by Parrot. So did “Stranger Things,” owning the top slot everywhere except for some reason in Russia, where “BoJack” was extremely popular.

Netflix’s apparent dominance follows the company’s heavy investment in original content and stated goal of having that content account for 50% of its catalogue.

Parrot is one of a few firms trying to gauge digital viewership, which streaming companies tend not to share publicly.

Here are the top 30 digital originals for the US in Q3:

It’s worth noting that syndicated shows are still hotter than digital originals. In Parrot’s November ranking of global demand for all shows, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” took first place, followed by HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and “Westworld.” Netflix didn’t appear on the list until 24th place with “Black Mirror.”

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