We Went To Netflix's Office And Visited The 'Towering Inferno,' Reed Hastings Secluded Rooftop Office Space

Earlier this year, Bloomberg Businessweek wrote a big profile of Netflix.
In the profile, it revealed that CEO Reed Hastings doesn’t have an office. He just floats around the office, moving from space to space meeting with people.

When he does need some seclusion, though, Bloomberg Businessweek reported, “he heads to his watchtower, a room-size glass square built on the roof of Netflix’s main building.”

We visited Netflix this week, and we got a chance to see this office. Before going to it, we were warned that it was nowhere near as exciting as Bloomberg Businessweek made it sound. The warning was accurate, but it’s still a pretty neat space…

This is the Netflix HQ. It's in Los Gatos, California. That top level with windows is the 'Towering Inferno,' the secluded meeting space Hastings uses as an office from time to time.

Behind Netflix's office are some luxury apartments. I'm told that not many Netflix employees live in there.

Like any self respecting Bay Area tech company, there are electric car charging stations in the parking lot.

Stepping inside, there's a popcorn maker in the lobby. At 2 p.m., this thing actually makes popcorn. It's one of the various movie-themed things throughout the office.

We started our visit to Netflix in the kitchen, which has the standard stuff: Coffee, drinks, etc.

Netflix provides employees with nice boxed lunches. We had the cowboy salad, and it was excellent.

We ate outside in the little courtyard.

Netflix built that bridge to get its buildings connected.

It also has offices a bit further away. For those offices, you can either take these bikes, or...

These electric cars. Netflix used to have Segways, but no more.

There's also this grill, which employees can reserve like any other meeting space.

Moving inside, here's the floor plan for the first floor. Each floor has a movie theme. This floor is classic movies.

And if you look really closely, you'll see the top of Reed Hasting's head in the distance. He was floating around.

Big movie photos are on the bathroom doors.

Netflix recently expanded to the Netherlands, and one of the employees that worked on the project decorated to celebrate.

Here's a guide of all the employees working on expanding Netflix around the world.

This is a sign for employees working on algorithms to improve the recommendations for users. They measure which team is coming up with the best tweaks.

On the day we were visiting, Netflix was reporting earnings. Netflix does a video show for its earnings. This is the room getting set up for the earnings video.

This is probably the coolest looking wall in the entire office.

Netflix doesn't have a fancy office like Google, but it gives employees flexibility to make their space their own.

The design team has their office space open.

Netflix tests out every TV and device to see how Netflix would look/work on it.

We mean *every* TV out there.

There are lots and lots of TVs all over the place being tested.

And then there's this nightmare. All the different remotes for those TVs.

Planet of the Apes, the bathroom.

ScarJo from the Avengers as a cardboard cutout looking over the Netflix office.

There's a vending machine with all sorts of odds and ends computer equipment.

The stuff in the vending machine is free for employees, but the prices are listed as a way to remind employees how much they're really spending.

In the office, there's a space for focus group testing.

It has a one way mirror...

Here's what's on the other side of the mirror.

Finally! Here we are... the Towering Inferno, the legendary office where Reed Hastings hangs out.

It's just up the steps here...

Up we go.

Time to go outside.

(Our photo got overexposed, but it's a short outdoor walk.)

Checking to make sure no one is inside.

And here we are. Kind of a let down. But still neat.

It's a fairly standard conference room.

A white board to sketch out ideas.

And that's about it! Not mind bending, but its complete seclusion from the rest of the office is pretty cool.

And that's it! We walk back down and head out.

Want to see another big tech company's office?

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