Netflix isn't too worried about the 'Netflix of North Korea'

Netflix (the real one) isn’t too worried about the so-called “Netflix of North Korea” that was announced last week.

State-run North Korean media unveiled a new set-top box last Tuesday called “Manbang” — which translates to “everywhere” or “every direction” — that purportedly beams propaganda-on-demand to homes inside the Hermit Kingdom.

It’s basically like an Apple TV with the Netflix app installed, except Manbang has far fewer viewing options with only five channels, none of which include the hit “Stranger Things.” There’s some debate among North Korea-watchers as to whether the device simply streams live television channels, or if it actually plays what a user requests on demand.

Still, Netflix doesn’t seem to mind the somewhat spurious comparison. When asked what the service thought of its new competitor, Netflix told Business Insider: “We are bummed we didn’t think of that name first.”

It also changed its Twitter bio on Wednesday to give all credit to Manbang for its innovation:

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