Netflix doesn’t have ads, but it’s working with brands in many other ways. Here’s what we know about its marketing efforts and partners.

Netflix snatching all the brands it can. Netflix

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Netflix still isn’t interested in entering the advertising business.

But the streaming giant is working with brands in other non-traditional ways to promote its original programming and platform.

Netflix solicited dozens of marketing tie-ins with major brands including Coca-Cola, Baskin-Robbins, and Burger King, to promote the third season of “Stranger Things.” It’s pursuing similar deals for other tentpole originals.

So far, Netflix isn’t using these deals to build a meaningful new revenue stream.

The partnerships are testing people’s appetites for bigger Netflix franchises that extend beyond its platform, as well as giving Netflix a presence in marketing channels that it can’t buy its way into, like retail spaces.

Below is a list of stories Business Insider has published that give a peek into Netflix’s marketing strategy and relationships with brands, as well as what its competition is up to. The stories are organised by topic.

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