Netflix is now in one million homes across Australia

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. Photo: Robin Utrecht/Amsterdam

Netflix has cracked one million subscribers and is now reaching 2.6 million people in Australia just eight months after entering the market.

After cracking 10% of the Australian market in September, the online streaming giant saw another 11.4% gain in October, according to the latest stats from Roy Morgan Research.

For the majority of Netflix subscribers, this is their first time paying for TV. In the year preceding the arrival of Netflix, over 7 in 10 Australians lived in a home without any paid TV service; as of October, this had declined to 58%.

The also data suggests that even teenagers, who were the most likely to illegally download TV shows, have been converted.

Between April and September, the rate of downloading TV or movies declined from 10.8% in 2014 to 9.1% now.

“Australians have been notorious for their high levels of illegal downloading,” says Tim Martin, general manager of media at Roy Morgan Research.

“While our figures of course include legal downloads, it is notable that the younger, tech-savvy people most likely to download TV shows and movies have been the quickest to subscribe to Netflix—and the overall rate of downloading has declined.

“A year ago, just over one in five 14-24 year-olds downloaded TV shows or movies in an average month—today, around 22% of this group lives in a Netflix home, and the rate of downloading has fallen sharply to 15%.”

By comparison, Stan, the local rival, has hit 450,000 subscribers.

Fairfax Media, one half of a $100 million joint venture in Stan with Nine, announced last week its streaming service had 450,000 gross signups and was on the way to end the calendar year somewhere between 300,000 and 400,000 net subscribers.

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