Werner Herzog takes us inside volcanoes in the insanely beautiful 'Into the Inferno' trailer

Into the inferno trailerYouTube/Netflix‘Into the Inferno.’

Werner Herzog has tackled some fascinating subjects over his five decades as a filmmaker, but his latest documentary is one of his most breathtaking.

“Into the Inferno” follows Herzog as he travels the globe to examine the power of volcanoes. In some regions, their majesty has become a symbol for political leadership, as in North Korea, while in others volcanoes are worshiped as higher powers. 

The legendary filmmaker recently told Business Insider of choosing where he would film, “It had to be about the stories and the people who live under the volcano, what kind of new gods do they create? What sort of demons?”

Here’s the first trailer for “Into the Inferno,” which is brimming with insane visuals. The movie will premiere on Netflix October 28.

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