This chart shows how quickly Netflix is widening its lead on rivals in the US

A record percentage of Americans say they have watched Netflix in the last year, according to RBC Capital Markets’ latest quarterly survey, which has been going since 2011.

54% of US consumers surveyed said they had watched shows or movies on Netflix in the last 12 months, up from the 50% that RBC saw in its May survey, and ahead of rivals YouTube (47%) and Amazon (30%). Netflix isn’t just ahead of its rivals in absolute terms, but it has also grown faster over the past 1-2 years than most of them, RBC analysts noted.

“Excluding HBO, Netflix widened the gap with every one of its major competitors since our last survey in May,” RBC analysts wrote in the note on Monday.

Here’s a chart that shows Netflix continuing to outpace its rivals:

Netflix’s growth is particularly noticeable next to Hulu, which is set to debut a live video product in the coming months.

This survey bodes well for Netflix, which has seen its domestic subscriber growth stall. In its Q2 earnings, Netflix turned in 160,000 net additions versus Wall Street forecasts of 509,000, and Netflix’s guidance of 500,000. The company also lowered its expectations for Q3.

But with the upward trend in percentage of people using the service continuing to go up, it suggests that Netflix has room to grow in the US, and that it could continue to outpace the field.

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