Netflix dominates Saturdays -- here's how it stacks up with its rivals the rest of the week

Netflix dominates its streaming and TV rivals on Saturdays, according to new research by SymphonyAM, a startup that tracks cross-platform entertainment viewing.

SymphonyAM looked at how Netflix and other streaming services stacked up against the major broadcast TV networks on each day of the week, based on percentage of total viewership in Q4.

The researchers found that the big hits drove viewership at the broadcast networks, allowing them to win every day except Saturday, which Netflix claimed. Netflix releases full seasons of shows at once, sometimes on Friday. Amazon and Hulu saw relatively stable viewership percentage throughout the week.

Here’s a summary of the top network on each day, and what share of the viewership they got:

  • Monday: CBS at 24% (“Big Bang Theory,” which has been moved to Thursdays)
  • Tuesday: NBC at 23% (“The Voice” and “This Is Us”)
  • Wednesday: ABC at 22% (“Modern Family” and “Black-ish”)
  • Thursday: ABC at 23% (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “How to Get Away with Murder,” “Scandal”)
  • Friday: CBS at 23%
  • Saturday: Netflix at 26%
  • Sunday: ABC at 22%

And here’s the full chart from SymphonyAM:

“Overall, the significant uptick for Netflix and marginal upticks for Hulu and Amazon suggest a higher propensity for [streaming video] viewership on the weekend,” SymphonyAM SVP John Sollecito wrote.

Binge-watching, anyone? Netflix has said it will release a whopping 1,000 hours of original shows and movies in 2017 (and spend $6 billion to do so).

For more on SymphonyAM’s observation methodology, which has drawn both praise and criticism, see our overview.

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