Netflix Is No Longer Reviled By Everyone!

netflix cat

Photo: formatc1 on flickr

Netflix may finally be recovering from the sales hike that caused millions of customers to quit last summer.The movie rental service rebounded in customer satisfaction after reaching an all-time low over the holidays, according to a report by consulting firm ForeSee Results.

Netflix now ranks 20th among online retailers—better though still a far cry from the top spot it held in 2010.

The improvement came as Netflix improved its online streaming, increasing the selection and reducing the wait time for new movies, said Larry Freed, the author of the study.

“Netflix made some business and financial decisions while ignoring the customer,” Freed told us. “They lost some customers forever but at least they’re retaining and bringing in new ones.”

If it stays clear of price hikes and continues to get quality viewing material, Netflix could be closer to a rebound than anyone thought, Freed said.

The top online retailer for customer satisfaction was, followed by and

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