Chelsea Handler and Willie Nelson test his weed line in Netflix's 'Chelsea Does Drugs' doc trailer

Chelsea Handler gets high over and over again, with a few famous friends, in her new Netflix documentary series “Chelsea Does.”

The series consists of four one-hour documentaries in which Handler explores different aspects of modern life. In a new trailer for one, “Chelsea Does Drugs,” the comedian says, “I want to be the best version of me that I can be.”

That involves, apparently, the firsthand exploration of how drugs affect people.

Over the course of the movie, she’ll eat food made from pot with¬†other celebrities, try prescription drugs, get high while being tested by a scientist, and venture to Peru to experience the process of ingesting the ayahuasca plant dispensed by a shaman.

At one point, she joins Willy Nelson on his tour bus. The country-music legend has been an advocate of legalised pot and started his own brand of the drug.

“You’re coming out with your own line, right?” Handler asks, as she and Nelson sample his product.

“I’m trying to test as much as I can,” he responds, and Handler cracks up.

The series premieres on January 22. The other three episodes are “Chelsea Does Marriage,” “Chelsea Does Racism,” and “Chelsea Does Silicon Valley.”

Watch the new trailer below:

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