Almost half of couples 'Netflix cheat' on each other, and it varies by country

Almost half of couples who watch Netflix together have “cheated” on each other by watching episodes of a TV show ahead of their partner, according to a new survey by Netflix.

Netflix found that of the 46% who had “Netflix cheated,” 81% had done it multiple times, with 44% doing it more than three times.

The cheating varied by country. The biggest culprits were Brazil (57%) and Mexico (58%), while Netherlands was the most loyal with only 27%.

How can you stop your partner from Netflix cheating?

Last year Cornetto, the British ice cream company, came up with a fun way. The company created “Commitment Rings,” which used NFC technology to make sure you were only watching a show when your partner was there. The idea was to select a particular show using an app, and then have it only be able to play when the rings were physically close together.

Though the concept doesn’t seem to have caught on, the technology could definitely work (if Netflix allowed the integration).

Here was the original concept video:

Netflix also put together some profiles of different types of cheaters, based on the survey.

Which one of these are you?

'The Long Distance Cheater'


'The Serial Cheater'


'The Sleepless Cheater'


'The Sorry Not Sorry Cheater'


'The Loyal Streamer'


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