Why Netflix CEO Reed Hastings doesn't have an office

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is worth $1.29 billion but he doesn’t even have his own office.

The reason isn’t some nod toward egalitarianism, or a need to feel in the midst of his employees, but rather that he simply doesn’t need one, he told The New York Times.

“My office is my phone,” Hastings said.

“I found I was rarely using my cubicle, and I just had no need for it. It is better for me to be meeting people all around the building.”

For the Times’ interview, he met the reporter in Netflix’s cafeteria, where he leaned back, “tossing off answers to questions as if it were a day at the beach.”

Part of why Hastings has no need for an office is because he’s often on the go. He told Fortune he spends 3 to 4 nights in LA a month, and has been doing a lot of international travel.

But it says something about the way Hastings thinks that he’s chosen to ditch his office. Obviously he could have one, even if just for things like meeting a Times reporter. But that wouldn’t be the most efficient use of Netflix’s resources.

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