Netflix CEO Apologizes For Calling Americans "Self Absorbed"

Reed Hastings

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings joked yesterday that “Americans are somewhat self-absorbed,” so they won’t notice that Canada is getting a streaming only option for $7.99. In the U.S. the cheapest deal is $8.99, and it includes DVDs.

Looks like Hastings was half right about his statement. He’s right about Americans being self-absorbed — they apparently can’t handle a harmless joke from Hastings. He’s wrong about Americans not noticing the better deal, though.

Here’s Hastings’ statement:

“My Big American Foot is in my mouth. Yesterday, I made an awkward joke with a reporter in Toronto about Americans (like me) being self-absorbed relative to Netflix pricing in Canada. I was wrong to have made the joke, and I do not believe that one of the most philanthropically-minded nations in the world (America) is self-absorbed or full of self-absorbed people. The pricing Netflix is offering in Canada, $7.99 per month, does not include any DVD-by-mail option, and that is why it is cheaper than our $8.99 USA plan which has both DVD-by-mail and streaming in one plan. We are looking at adding a streaming-only option for the USA over the coming months. My apologies to anyone offended by my self-absorbed comment.”

We’re happy to hear about the cheaper streaming option potentially coming to the US, but there was no need to apologise. It was a JOKE, and funny one at that. Anyone upset over this needs to calm down.

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