This stat shows how thoroughly Netflix is crushing its competitors

Netflix has faced rising competition in recent months from the likes of Amazon Prime and Hulu, as well as from new services like YouTube Red, which has a slightly different focus.

Amazon, in particular, has made headway by winning five Emmys for its show “Transparent,” and by releasing a new series “The Man in the High Castle” this month to warm critical reception.

Hulu, for its part, rolled out an (almost) ad-free version and is reportedly in talks to sell part of itself to Time Warner.

But sometimes it’s good to remember how much of a lead Netflix has in the video streaming game. On Monday, broadband services company Sandvine released a survey of internet usage which confirmed just how much time Americans spend watching Netflix.

During peak internet hours in the evening, an astounding 37.05% of North American bandwidth is used by Netflix.

To put that in perspective, here is how Netflix stacks up against its biggest competitors in the premium streaming market in bandwidth:

  • Netflix: 37.05%
  • Amazon Video: 3.11%
  • Hulu: 2.58%

Here is the full list from the report, which shows that a whopping 70% of peak bandwidth is used to stream audio and video:

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