Netflix Australia is here, but so far lots of the US content is missing

Frank Underwood from House of Cards on Netflix. Photo: YouTube Screenshot

Netflix launched in Australia and New Zealand today, but it seems the local content isn’t as plentiful as its US counterpart.

One blogger, Sydney software developer Kenneth Tsang, crunched the numbers and discovered the Australian version has a little over 1000 titles, compared to the 8499 titles the US streaming service offers.

He’s compiled a spreadsheet listing all the available titles here.

The Australian version of Netflix includes all three seasons of popular American political drama House of Cards, as well as the first two seasons of Orange is the New Black. The third season is released globally on June 12.

Image: jxeeno blog

Despite having just one eighth the US content library, Fairfax Media reports 693 shows on the Australian version can’t be found on any other international subscription.

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Netflix vice-president of product innovation, Todd Yellin, said Australians can expect more content down the line.

“So they shouldn’t look at it as, ‘This is what you get at Netflix?’ when they look at the catalogue on day one. They should look at, ‘Wow! This is what I get now, and that thing is just going to keep growing and getting better and better’,” he said.

The service, which is offering customers a free one-month trial period, is priced from $8.99 per month for a single-stream standard definition account.

Gizmodo and Lifehacker have generated lists of popular television shows and movie titles which are blatantly missing from the Australian offering.

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