Netflix pokes fun of Apple Watch geeks in its latest ad

Netflix’s latest ad is a not-too-subtle dig at the Apple Watch and the fanatics who are bound to be fiddling with the device every waking minute.

Released in the same week Apple Watch pre-orders became available, the YouTube video showcases the “Netflix Watch” — basically a huge strap with a smartphone attached — which apparently allows users to watch all their favourite Netflix Originals on their wrist.

The only trouble with the Netflix Watch, the ad says, is that the device is so convenient that you may be tempted to keep watching wherever you are: In the car, while consoling a crying friend, jogging on the beach, and even at the urinal.

There’s also a funny twist at the end, which we won’t ruin for you. Hat-tip to The Hollywood Reporter for first spotting the video.

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch opened on Friday morning, but ads for the device have already been dominating the airwaves all week, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Apple’s TV spot has run more than 300 times since its debut on March 9, 138 of those airings in prime-time spots, according to data from iSpot.

Here’s the official Apple Watch ad:

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