Men are flocking to Craigslist to find someone to 'Netflix and chill' with them

When it comes to online dating, nothing has such perplexing longevity as the Craigslist personal ad.

So it’s not exactly surprising that now, millennials are using that forum to pick up anyone who’s down to “Netflix and chill.”

“Netflix and chill,” if you’re not familiar, is a tongue-in-cheek, only-half-joking euphemism for hooking up. It’s usually deployed via text, and the person who says it usually hopes it will end not just in binge-watching “Homeland,” but also sex.

The loose, casual phrase was practically tailor-made for the Craigslist personal ad section, a no-man’s-land of people seeking “friends with benefits” arrangements (and, occasionally, real love).

We were tipped off to this trend thanks to Newsweek reporter Polly Mosendz, who stumbled upon a couple dozen of the ads while searching for a new kitchen cart.

“I had Twitter open and saw someone make yet another ‘Netflix and chill’ joke and I had Craigslist open at the same time,” Mosendz tells TI. “My brain automatically went, ‘I wonder if anyone on Craigslist is sad enough to use Netflix and chill as a pickup line. Turns out at least 45 people are going with it.”

Let’s take a closer look at these ads (explicit language is ahead).

This is a pretty straightforward “Netflix and chill” ad.

The man who posted it describes himself, explains what he wants, and adds a post-script getting into some nitty gritty details.

This next poster seems to genuinely want to “chill at your place and watch some netflix!”

He specifies that all respondents must be “down for the cause,” though, which likely means he’s also expecting intimacy. “Are you with it?”

Some of the ads are self-aware. This guy adds the acronym for “just playing” to show that he’s in on the “Netflix and chill” joke.

Is he really just playing, though? He has some pretty specific qualifications…

There’s also a trend of including “420” in the ads as a way of showing you’d like to also smoke weed with your chosen one.

This guy tried his luck with a seasonal-themed ad.

And the personal section isn’t the only place where “Netflix and chill” is being invoked.

Check out this ad for a TV — a.k.a. “NETFLIX AND CHILL MACHINE!!”


There’s only one question left: does posting a “Netflix and chill” Craigslist personal ad actually work?

We’ve reached out to a few of these Roku Romeos and will update if we hear back.


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