Netbook Shipments To Double This Year

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Netbook shipments will double this year, while laptop shipments remain the same, PCWorld reports.

Citing a study by DisplaySearch, PCWorld said that 32.7 million units of netbooks will be shipped this year, up from 16.4 million last year. Laptops will remain stagnant at 129.5 million units.

Why the surge in netbook units?

  • Affordable prices, ranging from $300-$500. Promotion deals from retailers that further lower prices.
  • Better hardware capabilities – larger screens and keyboards
  • Better graphics offered by some PC makers
  • Affordable netbooks are replacing laptops in developing countries

While netbooks are eating into the laptops’ share, the introduction of ultrathin laptops priced at $500-$800, that offer better performace over netbooks, could change things.

Currently, frozen IT budgets have also dampened laptop sales, though demand for laptops might go up when companies look to upgrade to Windows 7.

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