This E-Commerce Company Threw Their Exiting CEO The Most Epic Send-Off Ever

When Mark Sebba, CEO of e-commerce giant Net-a-Porter, showed up to work on July 29, he thought it was going to be just a regular day.

Little did he know his employees had a big surprise planned for him.

As he entered the fashion company’s London office, hundreds of employees lined up with signs that read “Mark Sebba, you’re the MAN.” Sebba is stepping down from his post after 11 years as CEO.

He looked pretty overwhelmed.

As he walked down the hall, a gospel choir sang a rendition of Aloe Blacc’s “The Man.”

Employees from the company’s New Jersey, Hong Kong, and Shanghai offices streamed their own flash mobs on a giant screen.

Then, a mariachi band showed up.

People in crazy costumes and headdresses danced on tables.

It all looked pretty insane from above.

They even had people dancing outside.

And when it was over, Sebba took his coffee and sat down to work.

Check out the whole video here.

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