Nestle Is Making A Bottled Water For Rich And Fashionable Women

water bottle resource nestle

Nestle is releasing a new water bottle that it hopes will attract affluent customers. 

The new water, Resource, is being aimed primarily at “a woman who is a little more on the trendy side and higher-income side, and the bull’s-eye is 35 years old,” an executive told The New York Times. 

The water is supposed to compete with premium brands like Fiji and Evian, the executive told the Times

What makes it special?

According to the Nestle ad, it includes “100% naturally occurring electrolytes.” It also has 50% recycled plastic content. 

To reach the fashion-forward set, Nestle paid to have Resource featured on this season of Project Runway. 

The company also inked endorsement deals with Bobbie Thomas, style editor on “Today,” Aida Mollenkamp, host of “FoodCrafters” on the Cooking Channel, and Brett Hoebel, a star of “The Biggest Loser,” the Times reported. 

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