Nestle Says None Of Its Ad Agencies Are Safe [THE BRIEF]


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Good morning, AdLand. Here’s what you need to know today:Nestle USA and new CEO Paul Grimwood launched a full agency review for media and digital planning and buying. If shops feel nervous, they should be. A source told Ad Age that “Everybody is under the microscope right now.”

Citigroup’s CMO Michelle Peluso is leaving to become the CEO of Gilt.

Droga5 and Newcastle Brown Ale launched a “No Bollocks” campaign. The Facebook app helps people call their friends’ picture posts out for what they really are. Pretentious.

R/GA just opened an office in Austin.

H&M is going to start collecting customers’ old clothes.

These are the trends Digiday thinks publishers will drop come 2013.

MDC Partners estimates 5 to 7 per cent growth in 2013.

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