Nestlé is opening a new KitKat Chocolatory in the Sydney CBD, which the company calls an ‘innovation incubator’. Take a look inside.

  • Nestlé is opening a new KitKat Chocolatory in Sydney, after the success of a similar store in Melbourne.
  • At the store, you get to create your own personalised kitkat or pick from a selection of special edition flavours like ‘Reimangined Aussie Lamington’.
  • You can also get plated dishes to try out.
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Sydney is getting a KitKat Chocolatory, which will be Nestlé’s new flagship store.

On Monday July 6, Nestlé is opening a KitKat Chocolatory in Sydney’s Mid City shopping centre. It comes after the company opened a Chocolatory in Melbourne back in 2016 – the first location outside of Japan.

The launch followed news Nestlé would rename its Red Skins and Chicos lollies to ensure it isn’t “marginalising” any of its consumers.

Here’s a closer look at the new store:

The new KitKat Chocolatory in Sydney

At the chocolatory, you can design your own eight-finger KitKat at the ‘Create Your Break’ station. There are digital panels where you can choose what type of chocolate you’d like and what ingredients you want to mix into it, whether that’s mint, strawberries or caramel fudge.

‘Create Your Break’

There’s a section in the store with the ‘Special Editions’ KitKat range, which includes flavours from Australia, Japan and Brazil like the Reimagined Aussie Lamington or Uju Matcha.

Special Editions

You can also try a selection of KitKats from the chocolate train – which operates in much the same way as a sushi train. These chocolates come in a range of fillings like peanut butter and raspberry or wasabi crème.

If you’d like some bite-sized treats, there are smaller, individually wrapped KitKats in flavours like cotton candy, churro, sake and matcha.

Mix Your Break

Not to mention the Sublime range of KitKat flavours from Japan including strawberry, raspberry, passionfruit and yuzu.

Japanese range of Kitkats

Unique to the Sydney store is a Tasting Table where you can sit down and try some plated desserts. You can try the ‘Pod to Plate’ dish which includes wafer, mint and lemon in a dark chocolate pod or the ‘Aussi Lamo’ with sponge, cream, strawberries and toasted coconut.

‘From Pod to Plate’

Nestlé General Manager of Confectionary in ANZ, Chis O’Donnell described the chocolatory as an “innovation incubator”, which gives the company a good understanding of what consumers like and don’t like. “We can try different things that you just can’t do at scale in retail,” he said. “If we find that consumers like a particular flavour, then that’s something that we can bring into retail.”

Bite sized treats

For O’Donnell, it’s about giving consumers “a really immersive chocolate experience”. “We’ve got a very strong innovation pipeline, but we’ll use the KitKat Chocolatory as a way of helping guide the decisions we make in the future,” he said.

The Chocolatory