Nestle Has Hired A Robot To Sell Its Coffee Machines In Japan

Nestlé will soon begin using a humanoid robot to sell Nescafe coffee machine to consumers in Japan.

Pepper, who will hit stores in December, is the first robot in the world that is able to read and respond to human emotion, including facial expressions and voice tone to analyse how they’re feeling.

The move is in an effort to enhance brand engagement with consumers in company’s biggest market.

Kohzoh Takaoka, President and CEO of Nestlé Japan, says “Pepper will be able to explain Nescafe products and services and engage in conversation with consumers. I hope that this new consumer engagement model will expand across the world as an example of Japanese innovation.”

Nestlé is planning to use the robot nationwide in around 1,000 stores by the end of 2015.

Nestlé did not say whether they would be producing a hipster robot.

Here’s a look at Pepper in action.

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