Tweet, Like And Nestio: Techstars NYC Startup Gets Its Own Button On Two Major Rental Sites

caren maioCaren Maio is the founder of Nestio.

Nestio, a Techstars NYC 2011 startup, tells us it’s partnering with Curbed and Prime NYC.The real estate sites will now have a “Save to Nestio” button on all New York apartment listings.

By clicking the button, users will be able to bookmark pages and instantly save them to Nestio. There, they can organise the information, view the apartments on Google Maps, add photos, and scribble notes.

Nestio was founded by Caren Maio; it is a digital organiser for apartment searches.

The partnership with Curbed and Prime NYC could send the three-month-old startup some serious traffic. Nestio currently has 10,000 listings bookmarked. With Curbed NY’s 180,000 monthly visitors and 1.5 million visitors across its network, Nestio’s numbers could grow quickly.

Here’s what the Nestio button looks like on Curbed:

curbed nestio

And here’s what the Curbed listing looks like in Nestio:

curbed nestio

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