Nest just announced a full-fledged home security system for $499

Nest, the smart-home arm of the Alphabet corporate umbrella, just announced Nest Secure, a full-fledged security system — taking on ADT, Comcast, and many others in the home security space.

The Nest Secure starter set will cost $US499 and include everything you’ll need to get started.

The center of the system is the Nest Core, a device the size of two hockey pucks with a numeric keypad, which you’ll use to arm and disarm the system. It looks little bit like a larger Amazon Echo Dot, and can be mounted on the wall or else sit free, placed anywhere with a power outlet.

The Core will also ship alongside the $US25 Nest Tag, a keychain fob that you can use rather than punching in a code every time.

Nest is also offering the $US59 Nest Detect, a motion-sensing device designed to be mounted in doorframes and window frames. Not only can it detect when a door or window opens or closes, it can also detect motion in a room and alert you on the Nest app.

Generally speaking, Nest is hyping up the simplicity and attention to detail in Nest Secure. For instance, a gentle voice from the Nest Core will tell you how long you have to leave the home once the system is armed. And you can set times to automatically arm and disarm the system, in case you know you’re going to be home.

You can also sign up for 24/7 professional monitoring, via a Nest partnership with Moni Smart Security for $US5/month. If you sign up for this service, Moni professionals will check in and dispatch police in the case of a real emergency, much as you’d get with an established security system player.

The Nest Secure system also integrates with the company’s other products, including its existing Nest Cam security system, to control the whole system straight from your app.

This is the third new hardware launch from Nest on Wednesday. Earlier, the company unveiled Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, as well as the Nest Hello, an intelligent doorbell camera.

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