Nescafé Makes The Morning Commute A Little Less Lonely With Pop-Up Coffee Mugs [THE BRIEF]

Nescafé wants to bring people together to drink their morning cup of coffee. The company inserted paper pop-up mugs into its advertisements that ran in newspapers in France, according to Adweek. The surprisingly sturdy paper cups are meant to make reading the paper, typically a solitary activity, a little less lonely.

Sour Patch Kids and Mondelez International take on Snapchat for a five-day campaign. The social media based campaign called “Real-life Sour Patch Kids” will capture pranks pulled by Logan Paul, a Vine video star, and will be featured on the candy brand’s Snapchat story.

WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorell says creative talent has been dwindling and will eventually run out in the West, but will continue to flourish in the East and the South. He says that although New York is still the “center of the world,” economic, political, and social power is starting to even out across the world.

Digiday reports that ads are becoming much more intrusive. These “high-impact” online ads are projected to increase by 11 per cent from 2013 to 2014 according to a study from Moat Pro.

Digital based New York agency RAPP may have created its own BuzzFeed post on Monday flaunting why it’s so great to work for the company, Agency Spy reports. Highlights include hosting Yoga once a week and free breakfast every morning.

Laura Desmond, current Global CEO of Starcom MediaVest Group, will now head the Board of Directors for the Advertising Council. This position is rotated every year between the different media companies.

PRNewswer reviews a list of the most patriotic brands based on a survey conducted by Brand Keys. Top American brands include Levi’s, a brand filled with history in America but no longer really produced in the U.S., and Coca-Cola.

Facebook banned a mum from the site for 24 hours according to Adweek for posting a photo similar to the classic Coppertone sunscreen ad. The photo, which the mum felt was innocent, allegedly showed too much nudity.

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